Gently Used Baby Clothes Are Worth Every Penny

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Used baby clothes is big business and will continue to grow as more online websites cater to this great family need. Between the current financial climate and an ever-increasing number of parents looking for ways to re-use and recycle clothing, now is a great time to consign online and off your outgrown gently used baby clothes, plus possibly find some great deals on some “new to you” used baby clothes. A term you may not be familiar with yet is “gently used baby clothes” because most baby clothes are hardly worn when outgrown people call them gently used baby clothes. Used baby clothes is still in a new condition for the most part but maybe worn a couple times or as we call it previously loved.

Remember that adorable outfit you bought for your newborn – the one that cost you nearly $40, and got worn three times before it no longer fit? For such tiny things, baby clothing is expensive – and as fast as babies grow, they seldom see much wear. For parents on a budget, those are potent arguments for cutting costs where you can when dressing baby.

The answer is shopping online or offline for gently used baby clothes and checking with friends and relatives for outgrown baby items. Yard sales are a great source in the spring and summer months. You’ll often find great bargains on furniture and nursery items that can last the next couple of years. Check the internet and newspapers for upcoming yard sales.

So how does used baby clothes shopping really work? Overall, it’s a pretty easy process. In fact, you may find the hardest part to be cleaning out your closet and deciding what baby clothes to get rid of. The payoff is grand once you do make time go through those old baby items sitting in the closet. You have money sitting in your closet, thats right MONEY all the things that your baby has out grown so fast can now be resold on websites or at consignment stores. Not only are you getting some money back but your helping other parents save on their purchases, it really is a win win situation. Not only can you benefit from selling or buying gently used baby clothes you can sell or buy any type of gently used baby items like furniture, toys, old books and many other baby things.

Decide Where To Sell Your Baby Clothes

Decide if you want to sell your stuff online or offline each will require a couple different things. If you decide to sell your items in a baby consignment store call ahead to ask what type of items they are accepting and schedule an appointment. Each consignment shop is different, and some will take any season, any time, while others don’t have the space to store off-season items. The online solution is always more convenient but it will require you to have a computer with internet, a digital camera and the willingness to ship the items once you sell them. The best part about selling baby clothes online is you get more money than consignment shops will give you and you can sell your baby stuff much faster.

Sort the Baby Clothes

Now, it’s time to start sorting. Start with anything that is too small, and make two piles. One pile should have any piece of baby clothing that is ready to go, right now. Your second pile will be any baby items that will be good to sell, but that might need a few repairs, such as a snap replaced or a seam fixed etc. These items can still be sold, you just shouldn’t expect to get much for them but every penny counts.

Once you’re sorted, if you’re going to sell your baby items online take some nice pictures of them with your digital camera. This can be a fun process you can even have your children participate and make it like a photo shoot. If you plan on selling your baby items at a consignment store just relax and when your appointment time is up head down to your local store.

I Sold My Used Baby Clothes Online

Once you’ve received an offer online for your item or items and you accept it all you have to do is confirm the payment via paypal or check and then put it in the mail. Some people will even purchase your things locally and come by and pick them up. Obviously you may have concerns about telling strangers where you live so meet them in a public place but always go with a friend and be safe. Now that you are getting the hang of this think about all the things you can now sell as your children out grow them, strollers, cribs, clothes and much much more. Your actually sitting on a great amount of items that you can get money back for once you sell it and believe me when I say there’s a huge market to sell your gently used baby clothes and other items.

Consignment Store Cash or Credit?

When you get to the baby consignment store, they’ll usually ask you if you’d rather take cash or store credit. At many used baby clothes stores, you’ll find that you get more in store credit than you will in cash. Other used baby clothes stores won’t give you a choice, you’ll just get cash.

Be prepared to browse the store while a store clerk, or even the owner goes through your items. Depending on how many items you brought in, how busy the store is, and how many people they have working, this could take as few as five, and as many as thirty, minutes.

You will inevitably take some of your baby clothes home with you. But now you can either sell it online or stop by your local donation center. I have yet to see a used baby clothes store that will take everything you bring in. You can’t be offended by this, simply because it happens to everyone. The fact of the matter is, the store has a lot of appointments and a lot of inventory; they have to selective and choose only what will complement their existing inventory.

Your used baby clothes can make you extra money, it takes a little prep work on your part, but in the end, it can offset the cost of buying new baby clothes for your growing bundles of joy.

I Save With Gently Used Baby Clothes

When you do pick up some used clothing for your baby, launder it before you put it on your child. Pretreat stains if there are any, and wash with a gentle laundry soap meant for baby. Add borax to the water for extra whitening power, and be sure to rinse at least twice if you use bleach. By the time you’re done, you’ll have one of the best-dressed babies in town – without breaking your piggy bank.

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  1. Sherri Wells says:

    Do you or know of a store that will buy baby and kids clothes. Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon

  2. Johnnie says:

    I have a rocking chair with a foot stool that is in excellant condition, aslo a graco playpen that is pretty much brand new. I have never used them. I was 6 months pregnant and had bought these things for when I would have brought my child home but no longer need them. I would like to get rid of them for some money and am offering them for as low as $120.00, I need to get rid of these things every morning waking up to these things in my room are just a reminder you would be doing me a favor and I would be doing you a favor. My phone is currently shut off so if you would please call (623)205-7222 and leave a message wit my dad John Shears. I would greatly appreciate it. Reminder needs to go ASAP. You can also email me @ or go on facebook and talk to me than you very much
    Johnnie Shears

  3. kevin says:

    Got about 6 bags or more off hardly touched baby clothes. Is there anywhere that would give some money for them just to help buyin more clothes for my girl when she needs.


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