Top 10 Holiday Gifts Moms Love

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Mom Holiday Gift GuideSurprise mom this year with the perfect holiday gift!

Trading Cradles guest bloggers Nikki Kinzer and Susan Heid have put together 10 of their favorite ideas to make any mom smile this Holiday Season!


Overnight Getaway
Every mom I know of would love an evening away!  Why not search through Priceline, Groupon or Living Social to find the perfect deal for your budget and surprise her with a night away.  She will have a cozy room all to herself, and the best part is she doesn’t have to make the bed!


Spa Day
What mom doesn’t want a little pampering at the spa?  You are sure to make her smile with a little guilt free time for herself.  Purchase a massage, pedicure, or manicure at a local spa.


Free Babysitting
If you are on a budget and looking to give a gift of time, offer free babysitting!  This is a great gift for another mom!  Pick a time where you can sit for the kids and give her time to do whatever she wants to do!


Photo Coffee Mug
I love my Starbucks photo collage tumbler mug my husband made for me.  It is full of family pictures and is a great conversation starter when I am out.  Here is a site that has a few designer templates to use and some instructions:

There are instructions for creating the mug included, but these provide a more comprehensive idea list.


Great Hand Lotion
There is nothing worse than dry and chapped hands, but with all our everyday tasks our hands take a beating.  Having some good hand cream is a lifesaver.  Two of my favorites are:  Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere & Silk Hand Cream and Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.


Inspirational Décor
Moms need encouragement – plain and simple.  Often times just being reminded of a favorite quote or scripture can make the difference in the outcome of our day.  One of my favorite places to find great inspirational home décor is Red Letter Words.  I am sure you will find one that will make her smile the minute she unwraps it!


Table Topics
This fun conversation starter comes in different categories and is a great way to create conversation at the dinner table.  Our family has used Table Topics for years and it is interesting what you just might find out during the conversations that come about.  This is also a great gift to give others too.


Personalized Pottery
Show off your artistic side and take the kids to the pottery studio.  Find a local paint your own pottery store and be as creative as you like!  You can choose from coffee mugs, plates, bowls, figures, almost anything you can think of!  A plate with little hands can be treasured forever!


Professional Photo
Surprise mom with a professional photo of the kiddos!  You can get some great deals at some of the chain photo studios, or maybe just ask a friend with a nice camera to take some shots of the kids playing.  Put the photos in a nice frame and now you have a gift for mom that she was not expecting.


Movie Date
Surprise mom with a gift card to the movie’s.  Maybe it’s a date night with dad or a girl’s night out to watch the latest chick flick!  Put the gift card in a Christmas bag with some of her favorite candy!


Happy Holidays from, Nikki Kinzer from Take Control Organizing and Susan Heid of the Confident Mom.


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